Firm Profile

Global Trademarks, Inc. is dedicated to the protection of domestic and foreign trademarks. We have handled foreign trademark filings for numerous Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries all over the world.

Our clients are either businesses that wish to register their mark abroad, or law firms with clients that need foreign trademark assistance. We also offer trademark portfolio management for large companies.

International Law Expertise

By focusing on foreign filings, Global Trademarks, Inc. has invaluable expertise on the local laws and requirements of numerous jurisdictions worldwide. Utilizing our extensive in-house collection of laws and documents for countries around the world, we advise clients on appropriate courses of action.

Global Reach

We have extensive experience in numerous countries and jurisdictions throughout the world. We have spent years developing a solid network of agents and associates all around the world, ensuring responsive, reliable and superior work quality. Global Trademarks, Inc. has long-term relationships with our foreign associates, with whom we personally meet yearly, and is therefore able to provide reliable superior international representation.

Specialization in LDCs

We have helped protect and defend numerous famous brands all over the world, particularly in regions where it is difficult to find reliable legal representation. A key attribute of Global Trademarks, Inc. is our ability to handle trademark matters in least developed countries (LDCs) and other small countries worldwide. With Global Trademarks, Inc. you can be assured that top quality associates are handling your matters.


Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible in order to minimize your burden and to save you time.

Client-Friendly Fee Policies

We quote all fees up-front, without hidden costs and provide fee schedules outlining the total cost of our services. We also provide our clients with an estimate of our fees for any additional work necessary and obtain prior approval before incurring additional fees. For those clients with multiple filings, we offer volume discounts on professional fees.

Providing Personal, High-Level Attention

At Global Trademarks, Inc., we provide prompt replies to client inquiries and personal contact with you and your staff. We keep our clients informed and up-to-date by providing recurring status reports. Our goal is to make your job easier and allow you to focus on more pressing matters with your company.

Minimize the Burden on Your Accounting Department

Global Trademarks, Inc. invoices clients on one bill in U.S. currency, thus eliminating the need to review and process multiple invoices from numerous agents, in various currencies.