Protecting Intellectual Property Around the World



In today's global economy, expanding and maintaining a foreign trademark portfolio can be an overwhelming task. Founded in 2002, Global Trademarks, Inc. provides legal expertise in trademark and copyright protection around the world. We serve numerous Fortune 500 companies and other businesses of all sizes.


One-Stop Trademark Management

By working with Global Trademarks, Inc., you will be able to obtain information on your entire foreign portfolio with the ease of a single email or phone call, saving you the hassle of contacting multiple foreign trademark agents scattered all over the globe.

Global Reach

We have extensive experience in numerous countries and jurisdictions throughout the world. Global Trademarks, Inc. has long-term relationships with a network of agents and associates all around the world, ensuring responsive, reliable and superior work quality. We help clients protect and defend numerous famous brands all over the world, particularly in regions where it is difficult to find reliable legal representation.