Consolidating Your Foreign Trademark Portfolio

Maintaining a foreign trademark portfolio can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. One major difficulty lies in selecting local trademark agents that are responsive, reliable, prompt and cost-efficient. In an effort to overcome these problems and streamline foreign trademark maintenance, many law firms and companies are instructing a single law firm that specializes in foreign trademark portfolio maintenance.


Save Time and Effort.

Consolidation of a foreign trademark portfolio with a single law firm eliminates the need to correspond with numerous agents worldwide. By working with a trademark portfolio management firm, you will be able to obtain information on your entire foreign portfolio with the ease of a single letter or phone call, saving you the hassle of contacting multiple foreign trademark agents scattered all over the globe. This can be especially burdensome when dealing with trademark matters in the more obscure or unfamiliar countries where trademark services and communication may not always be reliable or prompt. Most importantly, working with a foreign trademark law firm will allow you to concentrate on your other matters.

Receive Prompt and Reliable Service from Trusted Agents.

Foreign trademark law firms, such as Global Trademarks, Inc., have spent years developing a solid network of agents and associates all around the world, ensuring clients they will receive responsive, reliable, and superior work quality. With Global Trademarks, Inc., you can be assured that top quality associates around the globe are handling your matters.

Discounted Fees for High Volume Work.

Discounts on professional fees are typically available to those clients that have multiple filings. When a client consolidates its high volume foreign trademark matters, Global Trademarks, Inc. passes along valuable discounts to our clients.

Stay Up To Date About the Progress of Your Trademark Portfolio.

A good foreign trademark law firm will continually monitor and prosecute your trademark matters and provide you with regular updates and status reports. Global Trademarks, Inc. keeps its clients informed and up to date by providing recurring reports as to the status of their matters.

Minimize the Burden on Your Accounting Department.

By consolidating foreign trademark matters with one firm, you will receive one invoice in one currency. Global Trademarks, Inc. helps avoid the necessity of reviewing and processing multiple invoices from numerous agents, and performing a number of currency conversions to determine whether you are being charged properly.


Not necessarily. Foreign trademark consolidation law firms, such as Global Trademarks, Inc., typically have established contacts with associates and vendors who provide discounts on professional fees and communication expenses for volume work. At Global Trademarks, Inc., we pass along our savings to you.


Selecting the right law firm to handle your foreign trademark portfolio is crucial to ensuring your trademarks are well protected.

GTI Dedicates Itself to the Protection of Foreign Trademarks.

By focusing on foreign filings, Global Trademarks, Inc. has gained expertise about the local laws and requirements of numerous jurisdictions worldwide. With our in-house collection of laws, documents and forms for trademark matters around the world, we are able to advise on appropriate courses of action as well as act as a reference source for clients with pressing questions.

We Quote All Fees Up Front, Without Hidden Costs.

Global Trademarks, Inc. offers clients total, up front billing. Unlike other firms, we provide clients with fee schedules outlining the total cost of our services. Some firms provide quotes which only include “initial filing” fees, and usually surprise clients later with unexpected fees for the “advertisement” and “final registration” stages which can sometimes amount to two to three times more than what you originally expected to pay. On top of these charges, you might also receive unapproved invoices for reminders to the trademark registrars, status reports, client phone calls or preparation of artwork.

At Global Trademarks, Inc., we provide our clients with an estimate of any additional work necessary and obtain prior approval before incurring any additional fees. Additionally, we only bill at cost for our disbursements such as postage and courier fees.

We Provide Personal Attention to You and Your Staff.

The goal in consolidating your foreign trademark portfolio is to make your job easier and allow you to focus on more pressing matters with your company or firm. At Global Trademarks, Inc., we provide prompt replies to client inquiries, recurring status reports and personal contact with you and your staff.


The first step in consolidating your foreign trademark portfolio is to select a foreign trademark law firm that specializes in foreign filings and maintenance.

Contact Us.

Contact us and we can provide you with information on the countries of interest to you, as well as our full fee schedule.

Send Your Instructions and Let Us Do the Rest.

Global Trademarks, Inc. prides itself on responding to client instructions within 24 hours. We understand that many times trademark issues are time sensitive and require immediate action.

Once you have sent your instructions, Global Trademarks, Inc. will take care of the rest. We will send you all documents necessary for us to proceed with your matter, in addition to detailed execution instructions for any documents you will be required to sign. Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible in order to minimize your burden and to save you time.

You will see how easy trademark portfolio management becomes when you allow Global Trademarks, Inc. to do the work for you.